Vignetting from Filters at Ultra Wide-Angles

I recently picked up an old FD Canon 17mm/f4 lens for ultra wide-angle shots.  Since I knew that vignetting was sometimes a challenge with my Cokin A filters on a 24mm lens I upgraded to larger 85mm / P filters.

In order to find my new limits before vignetting, I shot a test roll.  The following were shot at f8 on a roll of Fuji 200 film.  I paid no attention to composition and minimal attention to exposure.

72-77mm step-up ring, B&W 77mm polarizer

72-77mm step-up ring, B&W 77mm polarizer and 81 stacked

Cokin P Polarizer

Cokin P Polarizer and 81 stacked

Cokin P Polarizer and ND4 stacked

Cokin P Polarizer, ND4 and ND8 stacked

Cokin P ND1024
(excessive flare is an issue for this Hitech ND
when shooting without a hood)

Cokin P Polarizer
(wide-angle holder)

Cokin P Polarizer (wide-angle holder)
and ND4 (hand-held)

85mm ND8 gel (hand-held)

This tells me that vignetting will be an issue even though I'm using a step-up ring for the screw-on filters and I modified a Cokin P holder for super-wide use.  The only way to avoid vignetting is to hand-hold an 85mm (Cokin P size) gel.

For comparison, I also shot a second series with a 24mm/f2.8 lens.  In that case, vignetting was only a problem when stacking two gels with the Cokin polarizer.

I don't yet have a good solution for filtration of 17mm lenses on a full-frame (35mm film in my case) camera.  Larger gels get expensive quickly and are bulky.  Given the amount of vignetting I saw with a 72-77mm step-up ring, I'm not sure how much larger I'd have to go to avoid the problem.

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