TruckPuter v2

TruckPuter v1 was based on an HP DM1Z 12" netbook with a remote power switch.  I scrapped that for a number of reasons:
  1. Windows 7 is a mediocre touchscreen OS.  Task switching is a hassle.
  2. The netbook bluescreened often
  3. MS Streets & Trips is mediocre nav software
  4. The DM1Z has a hidden reed switch that deactivated my remote power switch
XBMC Live (Ubuntu 10.04) Installation
TruckPuter v2 is based on a Mini-Box m350 case & M3-ATX ignition-sensing power supply, an Asus AT5ION-I motherboard & Atom D525 CPU with 4GB of RAM, a 120GB SSD for storage and a 32GB class 4 SD card for booting.  I'll delegate navigation to a Garmin Nuvi with custom maps.

I just did a test-boot using XBMC Live on an SSD and everything looks good so far.

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