Success! Virtual File Server Project

Finally, I've got the physical and virtual hardware sorted, with the WHS virtual machine booting from a virtual IDE drive connected via pass-through to a 1.5TB drive. In addition, I've got 3 1.5TB drives connected to a virtual SCSI adapter that also using pass-through.

I've got the former 3-disk RAID 5 imported back into the Windows 2008 HyperVisor, and I'm backing up and synching some data that I missed in the first backup/restore.

Once that's done, I'll connect these 3 drives as SCSI pass-through devices in the WHS virtual machine.

That should give me almost 9TB of storage in WHS, and 1TB on the HyperVisor, and almost 400GB set aside for experimentation.

I'm thrilled with the ease of which Hyper-V is working, but I still want to do this with ESX. I'm concerned about the complexity of using a Raw Device Mapping (RDM) to physical, local disks, since it is unsupported. Hyper-V drive pass-through does the same thing, and it just works.

I'll post updated diagrams tomorrow.

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