Hyper-V and WHS

I've decided to go with Hyper-V, virtualizing Windows Home Server.

From a storage perspective, this is what I'm starting with. It's kind of a mess and a bunch of disks aren't even connected.

To get WHS installed without having to migrate the data in the storage pools, I'll do this.

Then I can switch the pass-through devices to SCSI and start attaching more disks.

Finally, once the rest of the parts arrive, and I've moved the data around, it'll look something like this.


  1. I removed one of the three drives from the WHS storage pool. Now I'm going to power the machine down, mark the two remaining drives, and connect one 1.5TB drive and install W2K8 R2 and create a Hyper-V VM to host WHS.

  2. Windows 2008 R2 is installed with the Hyper-V role. I just need to create the WHS virtual machine, connect the physical drives, map them to virtual IDE ports, and install WHS.

    Then I'll be more or less where I started from, but on a much better foundation from a storage perspective.

    Now I can start doing the fun stuff.