Processing Wedding Photos with GIMP and PowerShell

A couple months ago I took some photos at a friend's wedding. Since I haven't had much free-time, and I've been unable to use my computer much lately, I'm way behind on this project. Fortunately, Dusty and Rob are being very patient.

Anyhow, I now have several hundred files, in a variety of formats, taken with a variety of cameras.

  • .CR2 raw files from the Canon EOS Rebel XTi
  • .JPG files taken with the Rebel (I meant to shoot all raw, but goofed on a few)
  • .JPG files taken with a Panasonic Lumix point & shoot
  • 16-bit .tiff files scanned from color slides with a Nikon CoolScan, taken with a Canon F1

I have a variety of processing that I'd like to do, and in the interest of getting consistent quality and an organized collection of files, I'm looking at using GIMP and PowerShell to handle the processing for me.

To start with, I need to define my workflow, to represent a sort of process design.

Once I've done that, I'll write a set of GIMP batch instructions, which I will invoke from the command-line using PowerShell.

I may use PowerShell for any conditional logic that might be needed, and possibly to handle creating the folder structure and moving the files there. I don't really know yet - I'm going to declare that an implementation detail and move on.


  1. Collect all images in Picasa

    1. Batch rename all files and sort into folders
    2. Add additional details to file names, tag, and geo-locate the best exposures
    3. Delete unusable exposures

  2. Generate a set of editable GIMP .xcf files.

    1. For the .tif and .jpg files, create a simple, single-layer .xcf

    2. For the .cr2 files, run them through the GIMP UFRaw plugin first, to set color-balance and check noise. Can I automate this or should I handle them individually?

  3. Edit each image in GIMP, saving them to .xcf.

    1. Take another pass at deleting undesirable / unusable exposures

  4. As a batch, export each .xcf to .tif, .png, and .jpg

Now, to actually make this happen, I need to learn to write GIMP batch jobs, mainly to handle the file type conversions.

I'll wrap it all up in PowerShell, and see if I can avoid having to think about which files to put where. I just really like the idea of running a single command to do all this work for me.

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