Projects in the works

Sometimes I like to remind myself of all my projects in the works. It's s alwaya sobering moment but necessary from time to time when I'm thinking about adding to my list.

  • The file server is having disk redundancy issues. I've backed up the critical data. Next up - check for bad sectors.

  • Regardless of how that turns out, I'm not happy with the current set-up. I want the file server and virtualization to all be hosted on one physical box. Ideally I would have ESXi running from a small hard drive. Virtual Disks for guest OS's would probably be on that drive as well. No data would be stored on the OS's, and I'd store snapshots whenever a significant OS configuration took place. I then want to map the three 1TB disks to one guest using Raw Disk Mapping (RDM). There seems to be two methods, but haven't got that process figured out yet.

  • Once my ESXi woes are sorted, I can finally return to my previous project - setting up VMs for remote access to my network, file sharing, and lab servers for testing software and network configurations.

  • I've already ditched Windows XP and gone to Windows 7 on my Eee PC netbook. Life is much better this way. The RC fixed a lot of the problems that I'd been having with the beta. Now to set it up to dual-boot with either OSX or Ubuntu ... or maybe both :)

  • My parent's Windows Home Server is having a disk failure, and it's also, annoyingly enough, got this obnoxious problem where it beeps constantly. I've tried everything. It won't stop. I'm going to replace all the hardware in this box but the disks, if they're SATA at least.

  • My Dad's computer, an ATI Athlon 3000 64-bit with 1GB of RAM, a decent video card, and plenty of storage, is unfortunately getting a bit long in the tooth. Perhaps it wants to donate it's innards to the WHS box?

  • When I built my workstation, I put in a cheap Allendale 4400 CPU, while waiting for the more powerful processors to get cheaper. It is time.

  • My brother's computer(s) all have different issues. Perhaps I can throw them into the pot with my dad's computer and the WHS server's guts and see if 1 or 2 reliable machines can be made of it.

  • The amp in the Miata needs to be mounted securely and all grounds checked. Since it's just been sliding around in the trunk, I've picked up some annoying alternator whine.

  • I've got about 8 rolls of slides and film to scan, and blog posts to write about recent travels.

  • I've got to figure out how to physically mount the Megasquirt into the Miata, install the a/f gauge, wire in the Wideband O2 to the Megasquirt, and get it working electronically. Then I'll install the CAS, finish the wiring, and start learning to program my own spark and fuel maps. Shortly thereafter I may be learning how to pay someone to rebuild the engine. We'll see how it goes ...
Now for something new to add to the list:
  • I want to standardize on a set of filters, probably 58mm, and consolidate my lenses down to 1 18 to 22mm wide angle, 1 28mm wide angle, 1 50mm, 1 80-200mm zoom. That'll make up my primary kit, a subset of which I'd carry on any particular occasion.

  • I want to replace the Nakamichi CD400 head unit and the Omnifi DMP-1 (running OpenFi with a 100GB hard drive) with a double-din touch screen hooked up to a micro-ATX PC running an embedded Windows or most likley, Linux OS. I want GPS with maps, internet access, and a full audio jukebox.

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