My Review of the Flyin' Miata Butterfly Brace

I noticed a difference in handling immediately after driving the car with the brace for the first time. It wasn't quite as dramatic as the improvement that came from installing the roll bar, but it was an improvement.

There's another reason I know it's there - I now bottom-out on all sorts of things. I have to angle and creep my way over speed bumps, into parking lots, and across road debris.

This may have saved me on one occasion, however. I let my sister drive the car through a bit of Napa Valley. At one point she pulled over to let some people pass and dropped the right side of the car off an 8" ledge. I heard horrifying sounds come from under the car, but I'm pretty sure the brace took the brunt of it, since my exhaust is still intact.

I'm scared to look under the car and see how scratched up it is, but I'm grateful that it was there.

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