Overclock My e4400 CPU

When I put this workstation together, I used a very inexpensive Allendale e4400 core 2 duo 2GHz CPU. This CPU uses a bus speed of 200Mhz, which apparently can be overclocked to well over 400MHz, resulting in a CPU speed of up to 4GHz with enough cooling.


Using CPU-Z, I took a couple of screenshots showing the stock settings. While the core speed is only 1.2GHz in this screenshot, that's because of the variable multiplier. The multiplier goes up to 10x under load, resulting in a core speed of up to 2GHz.

Note the bus speed. This is the parameter we're going to modify to overclock the CPU.




In the computer's BIOS settings, I manually set the bus speed to 300MHz. You can see in this screenshot that the CPU is now able to run up to 3GHz at 10x. Unfortunately, the machine isn't stable at this speed, even though the temperatures never exceeded 62C at load.

I've since backed it down to 266Hz resulting in a core speed of up to 2.6GHz, which does seem stable. If I adjust the voltage to the CPU and possibly memory, I can probably get it up to 3-3.3GHz before cooling becomes an issue.



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