Megasquirt - Wiring grounds and sensors

Today I wanted to finish the wiring in the engine compartment, but I didn't have any ring terminals for the ground, so I decided I'd be satisfied with just getting the wiring routed and in a loom.

I now have five grounds to make. Two will go to the Megasquirt itself under the dash. One will go to the CAS sensor on the rear of the engine. One will go to the IAT sensor, also in the engine compartment. The last will go to the LC-1 wideband O2 sensor, which I think I'm going to install inside the center console, where it will be out of site.

My plan now is to strip all five wires, separate the braids, twist them all back together, tin them with solder, and crimp them to a ring terminal that I can then attach to this ground point in the photos.

Apologies for the noise in the photos - I accidentally left my camera on ISO 800, and it produces pretty ugly images that way.

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