Miata Modifications

Completed Mods
  • Omnifi DMP-1 MP3 player - Rockford Fosgate bought Omnifi, and then discontinued these guys, so I got mine for cheap. I have installed OpenFI, an open-source replacement for the stock software on the device. This is important as there is very little support and zero updates available for the stock software. I've also upgraded the hard drive to 100GB, so it can hold my entire collection.

  • Bosectomy (removed all Bose crap from the audio system), and installed:
    • Nakamichi CD-400 head unit - basic, no frills, high quality sound in a unit that doesn't look like a discotec when you turn it on.
    • Dayton RS 225 8" woofers - installed in the stock location, but I did have to make new mounting rings out of MDF. These guys thump, so adding a subwoofer fell to the bottom of my priority list once they were installed.
    • Aura Wideband drivers - I was skeptical at first, but these little guys sound great, even across a wide frequency range. They fall short up top, but those frequencies are overcome by road and wind noise anyway.
    • US Acoustics amplifier - I got this 4x50 amp for cheap on eBay. This is a great amp, designed by some guy named Zed (who is some sort of famous amp designer).

  • LED floor lights, wired to the overhead switch so they come on when the doors open or the switch is turned on.

  • Thompson Nautilus air horn
  • Thompson oil filter relocation kit
  • Fumoto Drain valve
  • Flyin' Miata front swaybar
  • Hard Dog Hard Core rollbar with double-diagonal reinforcements
  • ScanGauge II mounted in front of the gauge cluster
  • Autometer boost / vacuum gauge - installed so I could check the vacuum on the engine. Once the turbo gets installed, this will be the boost gauge.
  • Stainless steel brake lines & speed bleeders

In-Progress and Planned Mods
  • Flyin' Miata frame rails and butterfly brace
  • Turbo, controlled by a Megasquirt computer
  • Innovate LC-1 wideband O2 sensor and analog gauge
  • GM IAT sensor
  • NA CAS (cam angle sensor from a '94-97 1.8L Miata)

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